Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Went to my track workout tonight.  I was getting more and more agitated about it as the day went on.  Worried I wouldn't be accepted.  Worried that I would embarrass myself.  Worried period.

I got off work early and drove home in record time.  There, I changed, grabbed some water, mixed my 'pre-workout' drink and procrastinated.  When I couldn't wait anymore I got in my car and drove to the track.  Unfortunately, I didn't leave myself time to 'get lost' on my way and that had me running late (cause I always get lost going to someplace new).  As I drove around looking for the place watching the clock tick later and later that little fearful voice in my head kept telling me how I should turn around and go home.  Kept replaying how terrible it was going to be and how much worse it would be because I was showing up late.

I ignored it.  I finally found where I was going, parked and headed up the hill to the track.  Just as I topped the hill and hit the edge of the dirt ring I heard a voice call out, "Hi Shawn!"  

It was my running partner from Saturday!  Suddenly all my fear and doubts were gone.  Just that one familiar, smiling face was all I needed.

Just as before, everyone else was just as friendly.  The coach was great.  She paid just enough attention to me to make sure I was handling the workout ok without making me feel like I was being singled out in some way.  She even pulled me aside at one point and complemented me on how good I was doing and how steady a pace I was able to run  (I did 6 laps of the track at almost the exact same pace).  

I also think she was a little surprised that I was able to make it around the track at all... I mean I'm not exactly svelte.  Seriously does this girl look like a 'runner' to you? 

Preppin' to Run

But I am!  

So, anyway - to make a long story longer.  I have a challenge for you all.  No matter your size, no matter your fitness level, no matter you age, no matter what that little voice in your head is telling you.  Go out there and do something that makes you a little uncomfortable.  You may surprise yourself and find your a lot more courageous then you thought; that your a lot more capable then your thought, that pushing your self actually feels GOOD!

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