Tuesday, December 31, 2002

Just a few more days until the challenge. I'm alternating between being excited and nervous. Excited at the changes I might be making in my body, and nervous that this will be just another wieght loss program that I fail. BLEH. I'm REALLY excited about joining a gym though. I've desided to do that instead of trying to work out at home. Now I'll just have to work on getting my lazy butt out of bed in the mornings and go there! Of course having my sweetheart poke me in the mornings will help, as I'm planning to drag him along with me! 6 days!

Weight today - 186

Thursday, December 26, 2002

Let me start by saying - spelling is not my best subject, and if creativity in the execution of the English language offends you. Then move right along, and don't spend much time here. I promise to do my best, but there will be times when I'm in a hurry, and won't run the spell check as I should have. For those moments, I appoligize in advance.

As for what this is for? Well, I've struggled my whole life with my weight. I've tried off and on for what has seemed my entire existance to have the body I would like, and though I'm doing better now then in years past, I'm still far from my goals. And so, I've started yet another weightloss journey. This one called Body for Life. This is a weight training and nutrition program that involves a lot of commitment and a great deal of work. As part of this program, there is a 12 week program. A "Challenge" they call it. And it's this challenge that brings me here. My hope is to journal my journey through this challenge and hopefully motivate myself to complete this challenge. Of course, loosing weight and getting into shape is one of my goals as well.

The actual challenge doesn't start until Jan 6th, and until then I'm trying to loose the two pounds I put on at Christmas, and survive the New Year and my birthday - modist Goals, but there they are!

Weight today - 185
Size 14 jeans
Size 16 shirt