Some Stats

Weight Loss Week by Week
Date Weight Weekly Loss Total Loss Notes
2/26/2012 237.6 - - Started a new job - drawing a line in the sand.  Enough is enough!
03/04/2012 235 2.6 2.6 Getting workouts done.  Sick of packing lunches already, there just isn't enough time in the day!  Think I'll go back to MF.  Ordering food this week.
03/11/2012 230.5 4.5 7.1 Another great week - TOM helped make the numbers look good, but I worked hard too.  Food should be here on Tuesday.  Will start the new program on Wednesday.
03/18/2012 228.4 2.1 9.2 So happy with these results!  My body is responding that's all I ask. 
03/25/2012 226.6 1.8 11 Seeing consitant results is making me happy happy happy!!
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