Tuesday, September 02, 2014

Say Hey

Well, guess what...

It's me. And no, this isn't my annual 'fly by'.  I'm dedicating myself to 21 days of blogging to go along with my 21 day sugar detox.

So, to catch you up with me...

I'm not in a great place right now.  I'm the heaviest I've ever been in my life.  My knees hurt, my feet hurt, my back hurts and I'm in terrible (cardio) shape.  I can still lift very heavy things and put them down again, but I'm not at the strongest I've ever been either.

After time after time of failed programs I find it harder and harder to get motivated to try again.  But I haven't given up either.

I have had one success though.  Back in July (or so) I had my last diet soda.  It was a strange thing how that happened.  I woke up one morning and we didn't have any soda in the house.  I rushed around all day doing other things and by the end of the day realized I had going all day without picking up any - or having any to drink and strangely I felt ok.  The next day I really didn't have any major cravings.  I started to get a soda out of habit at one point, but then realized that I didn't HAVE to have it, so I put it back.  And I haven't had one since, or for that matter, had any bad cravings for it either.  I was a miracle I swear.  If only the same thing could happen for junk food right!?

So, what am I doing right now?  Well I'm doing the 21 day sugar detox http://21daysugardetox.com/  I'm hoping that this might motivate me to do even bigger and better things as the month rolls on.  I have other goal goal then that at the moment.  Just do 21 days of no sugar and see how I feel at the end of it.  Oh - and blogging every day too.

So, it's the end of day 1 and I was sugar free and I'm feeling fine about that.  No big cravings, no major feelings of hunger.  Not too tired either -- here's to sugar fee.

1/21 complete