Tuesday, March 20, 2012

I think that I've been feeling so good that I got a little overconfident yesterday. I stopped gut checking myself before grabbing for food. Granted I still stayed really close to my nutrition goals, but when I reviewed the day I realized the slightest feeling of hunger and I was running to food. Granted I ate things that were OP, but I was eating sooner and/or more often then was in my plan. I ended the day just feeling a bit, out of control. The kind of thing that left unchecked could move from 100 calories over my goal to 200 to... you get the idea. Today's been much better. I feel back in charge and I've put the Feast Beast back in his cage.

Hunger is not an emergency!

I've yet to resume serious (regular) exercise. I miss it! I signed up for the running team that I tried out on Saturday and I'm a nervous mess thinking about it. We've got a track run scheduled for tonight, and even though I met a lot of really nice people on Saturday, my stomach hurts a little thinking about going and seeing even more tonight. I'm sure I'll be fine. Tomorrow I work from home and that means it'll be really easy to get to the gym and get my workout done. I'll also have no trouble getting my schedule run done either. No excuses

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