Monday, March 29, 2004

I seriously had NO intension of falling off the face of the earth! really, I swear! But, a little flue bug came by our house and desided to take up residence. ICK! First my fiance' then me! I spent last week in a fog of missery AND, need I say my diet went out the window!? Well it did. I ate anything and everything I could get my hands on, the worse the better. I did manage to get one workout in on Tuesday - right before my throat swelled up and I felt like I was swollowing razor blades! I say again ICK! I was all set to make a 'big turn around' today - the I went out and bought 4 bags of easter candy *sigh*. But, there is no reason why I can't continue to make progress from 'this MOMENT forward'. Clean eats for me, for the rest of the day. If I can string the next few 'next days' together, then I'll have a week, and after that a month.. etc, etc. I'm ready, really I am (yes, I know I've said this before) sometimes I think I'm sick of hearing MYSELF say it... but I refuse to stop saying it. There was a time when a week like my last week would have had me back to old habits and giving up on EVER losing weight. But I refuse to do that again! It's onward - back into the frey - to fight the good fight...

Friday, March 19, 2004

Hey! I'm linked - who'ed a thunk? Thanks AMY! Wow - the pressure is on!?

I figured out something today while in the store. I'm a narcisist. One of the main reasons I love BFL. Not just because I can lose weight and have more energy, but because when I'm at the store, shopping for soda, I can toat two six packs of bottles around. Not only can I do this easily much to the surprise of others in the store. but when I'm wearing a sleaveless blouse like today I would like to think that there is a certain, form and deffinition in my arms that must also be admired... Ok - OK so I'm not the center of anyone's universe (except my fiance') But I would like to imagine that people are sneeking peeks at delts and biceps while I'm toating around my food... Either way it does make me want to work that much harder so that if they arn't... they will be in the near future! I'm such a glory hound!

I also wanted to give a shout out to my good friend CORY. While his website probably has 1000 times as many hits as mine in a day - I wanted to throw a little love his way.

I'll probably be adding a few links to this site soon, but as I'm a bit of a procrastinater I wanted to do a few now to make sure there were in here SOMEWHERE!
Yesterday went really really well! I can't believe what a difference a treadmill makes. Not only allowing me to run no matter the weather, but getting me to push myself harder then I would if I were running outside. It's so much easier to pace myself. Easier to set and reach goals... I have to say it was a little humbling to read a friends post and see he WALKS at the same speed I run! I blame it on my short little legs I suppose. I did the same intervals as last time - 4.0 - 5.5mph in .5 increments x 3 and then on the fourth interval pumping it up to 6.0. I then kept running at 4.0 until I made to to my goal of 1.5 miles. Second workout of my marathon training DONE! It was MUCH harder this time. I could tell my legs were tired from my run on Tuesday and then my leg workout on Wednesday. But I managed, and felt SO good after. Had an AWSOME dinner (I'm back into cooking again) Chicken dregged in non-fat plain yogurt and then rolled in breadcrumbs and baked. With aspearagus and baked potato on the side... I can tell I'm working out regularly again because MAN do I have an appitite. While the chicken was in the oven I did 20 minutes of Yoga. So all my goals were accomplished! Then, I even made my lunches for today. That's a BIG step for me. A sure sign I'm back into the groove. I need to hit the upper body hard today. Food is planned and that's cool, and I'm going to try to drink a bit more water then usual ... see if I can get some of this fat to MOBILIZE...

Good Friday Ya'all

Thursday, March 18, 2004

I thought I would include some of my goals here so - just another way to hold myself accountable.

In 4 weeks I will: Weigh 170 lbs and have a body fat % of 37.
In 6 weeks I will: Weigh 167 and have a body fat % of 35
In 8 weeks I will: Weigh 163/33%
In 12 weeks I will: Weigh 157/29%

My ultimate Goal is 130lbs and less then 20% But since I haven't been below 175 since I graduated Highschool (16 years ago) it's hard to say what my goal will ultimately be until I get closer to it.

Other then the pure numbers I have other goals:

1) - Terminator Arms. Even under the fat I think I have pretty shaply arms and I can't wait to see what they look like under all that
2) - Run a Marathon. I started on Tuesday with my marathon running program. First goal (of course) is to run a 5K but eventually I plan to run in a Marathon Next August
3) - Six Pack. Yes the ever present 'six pack' goal. Even if it's only for a day I want to see it... just once
4) Be healthy and happy! One of the biggest motivators for excercise, for me, is to be able to engage in activities that most people don't consider... like biking 26 miles, sea kyacking, white water rafting... (all things I did last year)
5) 10 Pushups, 10 Pullups, 10 Headstand pushups...Yes I dream BIG..

I'm sure there are more goals in there, but that's all I can come up right now...

Also, I came across the meal plan my good friend Marie gave to me last year... what a nice easy place to start! all the 'planning' is done (I love that ) I just have to measure and eat... simple! I'm going to follow this for the next week and half then go from there... I'm actually getting, dare I say.. EXCITED about the changes to come.. AGAIN!
Well, I tracked my food yesterday and I think I'm seeing SOME of the problem. Not NEARLY enough protien. I've never been much of a meat eater so I can see how, without a plan I tend to subcontiously avoid protien. Today I'm looking for things to go a little better.

Excercise was 100% and I loved it! I did my leg workout, and upped the weights. I had started out easy(ish) last week to keep from overdoing it and felt like it was ok to push things a little harder this week. It went well. Then I did about 10 minutes of pilates to really nail the abs and 'remind' my muscles to legthen and relax a little. After feeling sluggish and groggy most of the afternoon it really did a lot to 'perk' me up. I was still struggling with 'the grumpies' but a talk with my fiance' soon banished the last of that and the rest of the evening was SMOOTH sailing. I copied a CD to run to tonight and I'm looking forward to seeing how the songs work... I'm still only doing 1.5 miles but that will be picking up next week.

I'm sore - but then I'm expecting to be. It actually feels good. It feels like I"m preparing my body for something important and I am. After all, what's more important than LIVING?

Wednesday, March 17, 2004

I thought I really really really wanted a 'no-plan' nutrition plan. But I'm finding that I don't really like the 'drifting' feeling I've had over the past few weeks. It must be the project manager in me, or maybe that I'm anal retentive? So, somehow I need to find a balance between - so focused that I'm spending every moment thinking, planing and or eating food and this 'fly by the seat of my pants' thing I've been doing. So - today I'm going to start logging on fitday again. That at least gives me some sort of accountability. I know for one it will keep me from eating when I'm 'less then hungry' because I know the extra work it will take to log all of that. After a week I'll sit down and evaluate this again.

As far as excercise, for the first time in a long time I feel like I'm SET. I've got my weights, and my treadmill. No excuses! :) The only thing that would make my life complete would be a chin up bar, but that's not on my list of essentials. I feel like I made up the missed upper body workout yesterday with lugging around that treadmill, and I did my Interval Run - followed by a moderate. I run for 1.5 miles total wich was my goal with my marathon training. The rest of the week looks like this: Today - Lower body workout. Thursday - 1.5 miles (20 minutes of wich will be HIIT), Friday - Upper Body Workout, Saturday - 1.5 mile run, Sunday - at least 30 minutes walking or Hiking.

My appointment with the career counceler went really well, though I'm still not sure how much this is going to cost me. Still, I see better things on the horizon. In every portion of my life.
Last night was GREAT. I kicked butt on the treadmill doing 1 minute intervals of 4mph, 4.5mph, 5mph, and 5.5mph.. and then a final 1 minute at 6mph all at 1.5% incline. After pushing the silly treadmil around for a while, then that run I was EXAUSTED! I still found the energy to do about 20 minutes of Yoga though. I was in bed by 9:00. Feeliing really good today, both mentally and physically. My legs and back are sore, but nothing I can't live with.

I have an appointment this morning with a career counceler. Depending on the cost, I might be using them to try to get some focus and direction in my life.

My mood is better and the weight has dropped back below 180 and stayed there. I'm ready to start seeing some steady progress instead of this roller coaster ride I've been on!!

Have a great day eveyone!

Tuesday, March 16, 2004

The treadmill has arrived!!! and I got my workout in just shoving it around and setting it up. The bloody thing weighs over 270lbs! BUT it's all set up, I just need to run to the store and pick up a headphone splitter and I'll be SET!!!It's going to be hard not to push myself too far and too fast at first... but the newness will wear off soon Í'm sure. Until then I'm going to take advantage of all this energy!.. My marathon training starts TODAY with a grand total of.... 1.5 miles! lol! when I said I was going to start slowly, I wasn't kidding. Basically I'm doing a novice training routine for a 5K... then I'll do training for an 8K then 10K then 15K and so on and so forth... ramping my miles up then dropping them back down only to ramp them up again... kind of like Interval training over a year's time :) it all culminates in a marthon in August of next year :) In the meanwhile I'm going to work on getting my weight down and also continue to workout with weights especially legs because I need to rehabilitate this foot of mine...

So, I'm off to the electronics store...

Oh! and I promised pictures from our hike on Saturday. They are Here:
Well, today is a little better then yesterday. Still got the monthly blues but they are lifting a bit. The treadmill is supposed to be here between 12:00 and 3:00!!! I tried a little 'retail therapy' at lunch yesterday. While I didn't buy anything it did prove one thing to me. While my weight isn't moving much my SIZE is... I won't buy another size 14. They are all too big!

On a sour note, by the time I got home last night I had a killer stomach ache. I never have heartburn, and I HAD heartburn. The thought of doing squats with the burning ALREADY in the back of my throat just didn't sit with me... so I skipped the workout. Not a very auspicious start. Still, I've had some really postive experiances of late and I'm feeling motivated and inspired. I guess the real thing I'm trying to convey is that I feel HOPE. And that's a big step for me.

Monday, March 15, 2004

Let's start with the good news. The weekend was GRAND! The relationship with my son, seems to have finally healed! Every visit things seem to get better and better, and that does my heart a world of good. Friday night on the way home he was looking out the car window and noting the stars. We talked about stars, and constilatioins and then when we go home, we drug out the telescope and did a little star gazing... it was a lot of fun. Saturday all six of us went for a hike...Really awsome walk through the woods to a waterfall. I will be uploading some pictures later tonight.

Sunday, I went over and set up my Grandmother's new computer. My son helped me move stuff around and get files transfered over. She's thrilled!

In Other news :) I didn't make up Thursday's Cardio, nor did I do my upper body workout on Friday. So, now I've 14 days left to make 'em green! It's hard to explain my mood right now. I'm really upset that I weighted in at 182 today and yet I'm more determined then ever to string together some green days. I keep visualizing how COOL this summer can be - walking around feeling strong and confident in my body and that motivates me more then anything. I have a formal dinner/dance in April that I want to be as sleek as possible for as well. All motivating factors... I just need to continue to put all that motivation into action.

Wednesday, March 10, 2004

I wish I had an explination for this total change of attitude I've had. For some reason missing tonight's workout just wasn't an option, even though I had a TON of other things to do including (ahhhhhh!!!) LAUNDRY!! When I finally got home from the 'Fluff and Fold' and finished putting all my clothes away, it was 10:00. And yet, as I said no where did I think "maybe I should just do it tomorrow" or "I'll make it up over the weekend". Nope not at all. The closest I came to an arguement with myself was desiding weather I was going to do the full pyramid workout or supersets. I did the full pyramid workout. It felt great! Ok, so it hurt like HECK but mentally it felt GREAT!

Food today was clean and I really do feel like I'm doing the right thing for ME right now. It's such a tremendous feeling! I certainly don't want it to end. So I'll keep on keeping on.

Tuesday, March 09, 2004

I desided to blog from home as I've been so busy at work that I can't seem to string together cohearant thoughts.

A few things that meant to mention in past blogs but haven't. I'm getting more and more pleasure out of my clothes of late. Spring has sprung and that means summer clothes. So, Saturday I pulled out a pair of shorts and put them on. To say I was pleased was probably an understatment, but I was very pleased. The shorts not only fit, but were a little loose. I was doubly pleased because I have another pair of shorts exactly like them, but (I thought) a size smaller in my drawer that would now fit as well. You can only imagine my surprise AND delight when I took out my second pair of shorts on Sunday and found out that these were the LARGER of the two pairs! The hung off me like a gunny sack! The shorts that I had worn on Saturday were the pair that last summer had been too tight!

Last night, while in costco I desided to pick up a pair of slacks as a reward for reaching 175. I chose my size carefully (I hate that you can't try on clothes there) and brought them home. I have to admite that I had some pretty negative thoughts alone in my bedroom before putting them. I held them up and looked and thought to myself "there is no way that these will fit!" I had visions of how awful they were going to look and was totally prepared to be disapointed. Instead, they went on, buttoned up and ... looked GREAT. Probably the only dissapointing thing was that they are capris and my legs are just TOO short for capris to look completely 'right'on me. Still, I'm so pleased that they fit other places to be at all dissapointed in the length.

Ok, so back to today. I got home from work late and wasn't really sure what I was going to do for cardio. It was too late to run outside and my treadmill isn't here yet. I remembered seeing a cadio program in M&F Hers November Issue. In truth it's a combo full body weight program and cardio program, but I simply did the routine with 2 lb dumbells and made it 100% cardio. Here is what it looks like:

Squat to Overhead Press x 10
Front Heel Taps x 30 seconds
Bent-Over Row to Tricep Kickback x 10
Butt Kicks x 30 sec
Squat to Uppercut x 10
Rocking Horse x 30 sec
Front Lunge to Biceps Curl x 10
Side-to-side Suffle x 30 sec
Ball Flye to Abdominal curl x 10
Squat Trust x 30 sec
Side Squat to Side Lateral Raise x 10
Jog in place x 30 sec
Diagonal Rotation x 10
Split Jacks x 30 sec
Stability Ball Cest Press to Overhead Triceps Extension x 10
Front Heal Taps x 30 sec
Stability ball Leg Curl to Hip Bridge x 10
Jumping Jacks x 30 sec
Romanian Deadlift to Row x 10
Fast Feet x 30 sec

By the end I was huffing, puffing and sweating. But I have to say it was a LOT of fun! it's certainly a valid alternative for me.

Food today has been great - my new nutrition plan is really simple... 1 protien, 1 carb, 1 fat and as many vegatables as I can stand about 6 times per day. I'm also trying to eat as close to nature as possible. The real difference is that I'm not being terribly structured... I eat when I'm hungry and stop before I'm too full. Many times doing things like fixing a sandwich eating 1/2 of it, and then in a few hours eating the rest. This is saving me a BUNCH of planning and preperation time. So far, so good!

alright, I think that's enough from ME for one day...
I did something ELSE that really has me excited AND has helped me to change my focus from short term to long term. I put together a training program from a running web site and the culmiation of it is a Marathon NEXT YEAR. :) I know in order to build up strength and prevent me from reinjuring my foot I'll need to go slow.. SO I'm planning to do this NEXT YEAR!!

I think that's one thing that has changed recently in my mind set. I'm thinking long term. I see my goals and I want them, but I'm feeling a LOT more patient. Maybe it helps that I finally hit my 16 year goal of 175. MAN! That just sunk in THIS INSTANT - 175 has been my goal for 16 YEARS!!! 10 pounds from now I will be the wieght I was when I graduated high school!!

I really don't know how or why my mind has changed. Slow and steady seems to be a good thing right now and I'm ready and willing to accept that..

Yesterday was very very good. When I got off work I went by costco and then safeway and got some 'good eats' for the rest of the week. It's funny, but I'm really excited about the next 21 days! I haven't felt like this all year. I really feel postive about the choices I'm making and the results I'm sure to see. For once it doesn't feel like I'm waiting for the ax to fall. So anyway! While at costco I got sucked into the book department. I found a really COOL book - "Home Workout Bible" The number and variety of excercises they had in there all geared toward working from home really got me excited about my workouts. My treadmill should be here ANY day - that's also VERY exciting... And I've been sticking to my plan, and feeling really good mentally and physically in regard to food. My upper body workout last night was just right... not too easy, not too hard. Hit my 10's! I felt SO GOOD afterwords.. mentally AND physically.

I'm on top of the world right now, and intend to stay here!

Monday, March 08, 2004

Oh, what a beautiful morning, oh what a beautiful day! I've got a beautiful feeling, everything's going my way...

Yes folks it was THAT sort of weekend. Even with me being sick!

Friday: Went home early - I was really starting to feel BAD. Got home, went to bed and slept 'til morning. (except for getting up to pop some Vitamine C and Echinatia and Vitamine E). The best part was, even though my body was SCREEMING for comfort food I didn't give in, ate on plan!

Saturday: Woke up feeling week and groggy. A shower, breakfast and a little sunshine later and I was doing pretty good. My fiance was working on his Jeep so I did the 'run to Kragen and see if they have...." thing. By noon I was pretty much feeling about 80%. I got some little 'chores' out of the way and got to do some shopping (used book stores! my favorite), as well as some driving through some of the most amazingly beautiful countryside. Reminded me why I live in California... Northern California to be exact. At first I had suggested we go out to eat, but then I realized that I had deemed Sunday a Free day, so I desided to 'save' it for then. Instead we swung past the store and picked up some fresh pork chops and asparagus. YUM!

Sunday: Woke up feeling MUCH better... My free day was VERY much in control. I indulged in a few things I had been craving (chocolate and pizza) but all in moderation. My fiance and I spent the day 'sharing' our food and that kept my portions small. I didn't binge either. In all I declare it a Sucess! PLUS, we went for a 'walk' on Sunday. We left the house at 11:00am, drove (again) through BEAUTIFUL countryside, down to Mill Valley. From there we walked to Sausalito a little town on the coast just north of San Francisco. the walk there and back was (we think) about 14 miles! and we finally headed home about 4:45.

Today: I started my new program. The day is BEAUTIFUL sunny, warm, and I'm sunburned. I'm not too sore from our walk, just twinges in places. Spring in here and I'm in a GREAT mood. I'm looking forward to the next couple of weeks and my new plan/program.

I'll keep you filled in as things go!

Oh - weight on Saturday (before free day) - 175!!! I made it! and I plan to be back down there again NO problem! 177 today.

Thursday, March 04, 2004

Ok - let me see, so much to say. Yesterday was clean, again. My weight is staying steady below 180 and I'm VERY happy with that! It's getting to be time to deside the next step. I think the last two weeks were verry successful. I got my will power back, relearned how to tell myself "NO", and got and have STAYED below 180. So my options as I see it are: 1) Keep doing what I'm doing now. A VERY unstructured low carb regiem 2) Follow the first faze of the South Beach Diet 3) Go back to fist/palm BFL style of eating.

In truth I'm leaning heavily toward BFL again. And the reason why is, my own words! I went back yesterday and read though my jornal from the beginning. In noting how I felt and what my results where BFL in it's purest form as I did it in the begining worked REALLY well. Of course, at the time, I was also following my excercise program fairly regularly as well. I just know I really want to find that fire again. The arrival of Spring should help. It's BEAUTIFUL here. More outdoor time, more unstructured 'excercise' (hiking, biking etc) should all help my progress as well as my mood. Anyway - as I said, I'm leaning toward BFL and I think I'm going to make it REALLY simple. My plan is to print up a list of 'authorised foods'. Then, pick one thing from each column. Simple! I'm also going to stock up at work, cans of chicken keep really well, as well as Salads and/or potatoes. If I'm not having to constantly pack my lunch I think I'll feel a LOT less overwhelmed.

Starting next week, my workouts will return as a priority. With my food 'simplified' that leaves me that much more time for my workout. As I looked through my journal there were days when I was tired, days when I was down, but those days that I pushed through and worked out anyway just seem to GLOW with energy... I want that glow back! NO MORE EXCUSES! As I said I should be getting a lot more 'unplanned' workouts with the coming of spring/summer. Plus with my treadmill arriving in about a week and a half, running should be a no-brainer. I have all the equipment I need for good weight workouts so the only thing holding me back would be ME! I'm going to do everything I can to kick THAT obstical out of the way. I want results, I want that energy, I want those positive self thoughts back. I want to feel as if success is just a workout away. I CAN do this, and I WILL

Wednesday, March 03, 2004

I just finished lunch. I started to have a sandwich, thinking to myself 'just this one won't hurt', but then I realized that I had promised myself that I would stick with this for the entire two weeks. And that 'just one' has a way of becoming just three or four or more. So I didn't. I had an on plan lunch and truethfully I'm feeling pretty good about it. Yes 'just one' may not 'hurt' physically. But mentally it can make a MAJOR difference in how I think and feel about myself. And THAT is enough to derail me BIG time.
Well - my treadmill should ship Friday and arrive in a week. BLEH! I hate waiting! BUT it will finally BE here, I can hardly believe it.

Yesterday was clean again. No major struggles. I can say I'll be glad when I can add a LITTLE bit of bread back into my diet. I did spend some time thinking today about food the scale and my apparent obsession with both :P. Several people have mentioned to me that this should be about HEALTH not WEIGHT. And I was pondering that on my way into work. Truth be told, I was doing pretty good, health wise when I was eating, normal, everyday foods in limited quanties. (Yes folks that HORRIBLE 'monderation' word.) I really don't think I was any worse or better off. The real reason that I eat the way I do (or attempt to) is for my weight. And not my weight as it relaits to my health, but PURELY for vanity. To quote an article I read - To Look Good Naked! And where did all this pondering get me? At the moment - no where :) But I'll continue to update here as things move along.

Otherwise, I'm feeling pretty cranky today. No aparent reason. Well, actually, it's work. My job takes these turns where it's really exciting and intense for a couple weeks and then it settles down into mind numbing bordum. Durning the 'bordum' stages I tend to get to feeling pretty unfullfilled. Ok, OK I understand that everything in life goes through cycles but these tend to last for several months. I feel like my training is being waisted... heck _I_ am being waisted. and I HATE busy work! Ah well, what's important is I'm not trying to fill in the empty spots with food. That never does anyone any good.

Not much else to report on. Maybe I'll think of something later.

Tuesday, March 02, 2004

It's done! I clicked the last click and my treadmill is ON IT'S WAY! considering this is my CHRISTMAS present I have to say it is highly antisipated! I have no idea when it will actually GET here - now all I can to is wait.
I'm feeling better today. Last night I desided that, though I've been avoiding bars so that I didn't hamper my progress, it was better to have a bar then to end up having a dozen doughnuts. So I grabbed one and felt MUCH better afterwords. I also made sure I had a GOOD dinner - cream sauce and chicken over cauliflour. And I had 'desert' too. riccotta cheese mixed with peanut butter. Ok, so I admit that was a little wierd, but it was pretty good. Still it was 'odd' enough that I doubt I'll have it again. Today I'm feeling 100% again. Strong and in control and not hanging on by a fingernail.

I didn't get a workout in last night, but I'm not stressing over it. Eventually, I'll start firing on all cylinders again. The BEST news is that I'm ordering my treadmill tonight!! Some personal things are looking up as well and I have to say the whole world is looking a little brighter. Ok, so it's not raining either and that helps.

Monday, March 01, 2004

I'm fighting. Not cravings per se but, temptations. Everywhere I turn it seems there is something I would like to be eating, but 'can't'. I've managed to say no for a week now but really wonder how long I'll be able to hold out. In a way it's depressing. If I could just lock myself in my house and only look at 'autherized' foods I would be just fine. I really don't crave food anymore. But the minute I see something the urge to EAT comes over me. Before, I could put off those feelings and relieve them with a 'free day'. But, now... now I'm faced with forgoing those foods for a much longer stretch of time. I really wonder what has to change inside of me before I don't fear a trip to the store. In fact, I'm reminded of a question I asked a long time ago. Does it ever get easier? I expect it does and I sure hope it does, because I'm not sure I can keep this kind of intensity up indefinatly. I suppose that sounds fatalistic, but it's also completely honest. And it's only been a WEEK! Ha! I've also discovered that lingering in the back of my mind is fear. Fear of letting myself free of this uber strick regiem I've put myself on and having another major back slide. How to begin to put balance back into my life without letting 'just one' become 'just twenty'. Every time I think of easing back a little there I face that fear. But I know I'll have to eventually. I can't deny myself treats forever. Then the question becomes - when? I promised myself I would do this until I reached 175. A kick in the butt. A jump start into the next phase of weightloss - getting down to the 'before children' weights. But, then what? I can assure you that if/when I figure it all out I'll share it with you all...
Well - it happened. For the first time this year I had a CLEAN weekend! It wasn't easy. In fact I don't think there was a challenge I didn't have to face down! Friday we went to Olive Garden - and in case it wasn't apparent before, I'll state here and now that I'm a Bread and Pasta FREEK! I did all I could to distract myself from the bread when it was dropped on the table and made sure to order a grilled dish for my dinner. Grilled chicken, some itallian sausage and steamed veggies. At cake time I wasn't thinking and I stood over the cake as I opened the box. The smell of chocolate waifed up and I swear I turned into Pavlov's dog! But, I ignored it, sang happy birthday, cut the cake and went to sit at the opposite side of the table. I didn't even lick the cocolate icing off my fingers! Saturday, the challenge was pizza, cheese bread and cinnamon bread from Dominos... The smell of the pizza when it first arrived nearly killed me! But I ate MY food and distracted myself with visions of size 10 pants... Sunday we took the kids out to brunch and everyone's plate distracted me... pancakes on one side, toasted buns on the other side... But once again I stuck to my own food. And THEN my daughter picks up my ABSOLUTE favorite cocolate from the store... I didn't have a single piece. And the results of all of this? Beside the fact that I'm really really proud of myself I'm also down to 177.5! I'm close - so close and I don't want to do ANYTHING to cause a set back now. I will prove to myself that I CAN meet goals... I also got some nice excercise this weekend. Saturday I walked just over a mile, and Sunday we went on about a 3 mile hike. Nothing too rugged but enough to stretch the legs and get the lungs and heart working. In fact we walk partially on a PAR course and I stopped a few times to do the excercises on it - pushups and leg lifts and corkscrews - it felt good to be using my muscles again. Now that I've have a clean nutritional week I'm going to try for both - tonight I'm going to do a light upper body workout. I want to take advantage of the momentem I've created and make sure it continues. I'm feeling good today. REALLY good and I expect for it to continue!