Friday, December 11, 2009

Postive Steps

weight today : 196.1 - since the goal for monday is 196.0 that's excellent

the postives for today:

I've logged everything I've eaten.

The negatives:

I missed my weight workout - I was just too tired to get up at 4:00AM
I ate 1800 calories today - bleh

I've figured out that I need to plan my meals the day before, when I stand in front of the fridge and try to plan what I'm going to eat by just looking at what's there, I make poor choices - period.

Sooooo tomorrow, Saturday, here's the menu.

Breakfast - egg whites and toast
Snack - MF scrambled eggs (mixed with the whites)
Lunch - Spinach salad w/chicken
Snack - MF Cream of Tomato Soup
Dinner - Mac and Cheese
Snack - MF Pudding

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Today, I wrote this letter to myself:

You see,

Here's the thing Shawn

Enough is enough. You do want to get this weight off don't you? Don't you want to finally have the body, be as fit as that dream that's in your head. You're capable. You have the knowledge, you have the training, you have the skills and the basic body type to do it. You just have it execute - every day! And it's not even that hard, it's a matter of saying "No" to those things that move you away from your goal and "Yes" to those things that move you toward it. So do it!

Here's the first 'mini-goal' get back below 190 - BEFORE your birthday. Let's make your 40th year mean something - mean losing 50 lbs of ugly fat. isn't that a nice round number?

of course, you have to fight the urge to go out and plan all your goals for the next six months. It's time to focus on one goal - that goal is below 190 - before 1/4

So, how are we going to achieve this? hmmm

well - let's start one week at a time.

My goal for next monday is to be at or below 196. I'm a little 'behind' since it's already late Thursday, but I've still got three days.

Food will look like 1200 each day. 3 meals of 300 cals and 3 meals of 100 Balanced Carbs/Protein for the 300 Cal meals - Medifast for the 100 cal meals

Exercise - I'll hit the weights tomorrow then do a bike at night. Saturday I have a race/run and Sunday I'll do a brick.

Since I'm here and thinking about it, I'll plan next week too.

The goal by the end of the week will be 193.4 - that means a goal of 2.6 lbs and to lose 2.6 lbs while eating 1200 cals - I'll have a goal of 660 minutes of exercise. I'll achieve that by doing:

5 days of weight training @ 45 minutes each
5 days of yoga @ 20 minutes each
Tue - Run
Wed - Bike/Run
Thu - Run
Fri - Bike
Sat - Run
Sun - Bike/Run

Here's to drive, determination and focus! and being less then 196 by Monday!