Thursday, April 30, 2009

100 Days - Day 1 - I used to be that Way

Make a list of any fears or negative behaviors that have hurt your weight-loss success in the past.

  1. Getting to the 170-175 lbs mark and then stop following the diet. Adding a nibble here a taste there, until weight loss slows and eventually all progress is lost!

Actually - I think that is my biggest fear - everything else I might write just comes down to that one thing! But here some bad habits that are a breakdown of the 'big one'.

  1. Believing I can have 'just one' and that turns into 'all'
  2. Believing I can do it (go off plan) 'this one time' and that turns into 'all the time'
  3. Skipping one workout, then two, then three, then -- not seeing the gym in months
  4. Letting feelings of deprivation and of 'it's not fair' be excuses to eat things that arn't on plan
  5. Feeling justified in eating beause I'm stressed out or sad

    (I'm sure I'll come up with more!)

    write up new endings for each fear or behavior.

    1. I used to believe that I could have 'just one' and would end up eating 'all', but now I know that just one is too much and I stop this behavior before it starts. If I find myself in the middle of eating them 'all' I stop and say 'no more!' and don't use the "I've fallen, may as well finish what I've started" excuse.
    2. I used to believe that I could use the excuse, 'just this once', to go off plan, and would end up using it ALL the time, but now I know that there is never a good reason for putting your dreams and goals on hold. A party is still a party even without the cake and ice cream. Thanksgiving is still a holiday and a time to be thankful, even without eating 1/2 a pumpking pie. Going to a fancy reseraunt on date night is still a romantic occasion if your eating chicken and steamed veggies.
    3. I used to skip a workout(s) and let that missed workout be an excuse to miss another, and another, but now I don't go two days in a row without doing some sort of excercise. I don't use not getting to the gym or not being able to go outside as a reason to not get the blood pumping and make myself a healthier happier person.
    4. I used to use excuses like "I don't like being deprived" and "It's not fair that they can and I can't" to go off my plan, but now I acknowledge that I have those feelings and then move on. Those thought and others like them are feelings that I can choose to dwell on and be effected by, or that I dissmiss and move on from - I choose the laiter.
    5. I used to use stress or sadness as a reason to go off plan, overeat and even binge, but now I choose to confront my emotions in other ways such as turning the problem over to God, going for a walk/run or even just acknowleding, examining and accepting those feelings as a part of me and a part of life. Covering them in cheese sause and eating them hasn't worked before and it's won't work now.

    100 Days - Introduction

    Step One - Choose your best diet plan

    Already did that - Medifast

    Step Two - Do your plan for 100 days

    Ok - doing that starting now

    Step Three - Track your progress

    I signed up for a free account at "StartYourDiet" It lets me track my goals and also put a 'sticker' on each day. When I feel I've had an 'on plan' day - one that would cause me to lose weight I put a on a green dot. When I've had a day that would cause me to maintain, a yellow dot. When I've had a day that would cause me to gain, red.

    Create a vision for the future

    I've done this so many times before. But I know it's a good excercise, so I'm going to do this again!

    10+ Reasons Why I Want to Reach and Maintain My Goal Weight
    1. It will be easier to run - a few pounds is a few minutes per mile!
    2. I'll look good in my tri suit and in my finish line photos!
    3. Buying clothes is so much more fun when you are skinny!
    4. I'll finally be wearing proof of my abilities on my body and can start my own Personal Training Buisness
    5. Boots that fit and zip over my calf
    6. I can go back to Hawaii and/or Mexico and wear 'real' shorts
    7. Stretching and flexablity is better skinny
    8. Looking sexy for my hubby
    9. No longer feeling like the 'fat girl' everywhere I go (like yoga class)
    10. RESPECT for my knowledge about diet and excercise
    11. Pain free running!
    12. I'll not hate seeing pictures of myself
    13. Wearing any Halloween costume I want

    My 'Why' (written)

    Finishing a triathlon last month was an amazing point in my life. I can't even
    begin to describe how great it feels to accomplish something so - big. 5 months
    of training for one day of intense focus and a life time of bragging rights. And
    yet, the day has a bit of a black blot on in.

    I can barely stand to look at the photos of myself the day of the race. I look so awful standing there in my tri suit, or later in my bike shorts... or frankly in anything. Every photograph makes me cringe and feel a little sick to my stomach. I struggled through the 5 months of training and on race day itself 80% more then anyone else because of my weight! Hauling 240 lbs up a hill is so much harder then hauling 130. And given the fact that my heart and lungs are probably encased in a layer of fat.
    It's a wonder I finished at all.

    And the injuries... There's no doubt in my mind that the struggles I had with leg, ankle and foot injuries were all related to the fact that I was trying to run at 110 lbs overweight. It really is a wonder they didn't just give up on me all together!

    I don't want to give up being a triathlete. I want to continue to race, to be a solid 'middle of the pack' finisher, not just 'happy to not be last'.

    But it's not just the racing. I'm tired of many other things. tired of clothes not fitting, of not being able to wear the styles I love. I'm tired of not being able to be sexy for my hubby by wearing things like stocking and lacy underthings. I want me back! The real me that's self assured and confident!

    THIS is why I'm doing the 100 Days Program and I'm sticking with my plan!

    Stuffy head or stuffy body?

    My weight has been doing some really weird bouncing around weight wise this week. I finally figured out that it was my allergy meds. I guess whatever is in them causes me to retain water. Granted, I know water isn't fat and that only effects my scale weight, but, at this point, with a race coming up on Sunday I really would like to see my scale weight as low as possible. Easier on my feet, knees, hips etc.

    Luckily, the wind seems to have died down. I didn't take any meds today and have managed to be headache free. Just a little sneezing and some sniffles, but those have died down as the day has moved on.

    Tomorrow's weight should really prove if they were having the effect on my weight that I thought they were.

    Other then that - things are going well. Still no major battles with cravings. I'm still finding that I think about having food when I see certain things but as soon as I tell myself "no" the feeling goes away. If I could ever get as disciplined about my exercises -- whew what progress I would be making! :)

    Started a new 'mental exercise' program "100 Days of weight loss". I'm going to be posting my thoughts and insights from that program here too. Starting today :)

    Tuesday, April 28, 2009

    So What's Next?

    I've been battling with headaches (sinus) for the past two days. Stayed home from work today to try to sleep some of it off. I've cleaned out my closet, getting rid of some clothes that are just getting plain ratty and packing away others that are too small. I went through my 'closet of shame' and sorted everything by size so that I can easly transition into the next size when I reach it. I have everything from size 18W (that I wear now) to size 10 (that I wore when I was at my lightest a few years ago.

    So now what do I do? It feels weird to me to not be battling through every day, but just sitting here waiting for the weight loss to happen. I almost miss all the planning and charting and agonizing - Ok - I'm not. But there's still a part of me that feels weird not doing it.

    I think that what's bothering me is normally after the first week or two the initial excitement of a new diet wears off, the motivation lowers and I start to struggle. But here I am, mid week four and although that rush of "I'm on a new diet!" - the 'honeymoon stage' is over and yet here I am, still rolling along. It's strange that I feel a little 'lost' without a battle to wage. Did my weight and obsession with controlling it really take that much of my mental energy and focus, even when I wasn't dieting? If so, what can I do with all this 'extra' I have now? I feel a little lost right now. It's not an all together 'bad' feeling - it's just -- odd. Has anyone else felt like this? Like, since food is no longer the center of my life, the center of my focus, the center of my unhappiness--what's next for me?

    Monday, April 27, 2009

    An 'Ah-ha' moment

    I think I've discovered something about myself in the last three weeks. I don't know why it's never occurred to me before. Maybe I just wasn't ready to know it.

    A LOT, and I mean A LOT of my eating was (I guess) impulsive, or just bad habit.

    For instance, I find that several times during the day when I'm in the kitchen I'll see bananas sitting there. My brain goes, "Look a banana, they are good for us, we should have one". I don't have to be hungry, and it's not something I was craving, I just saw it.

    Where I really noticed that my eating was a habit was when shopping. I drop into drug stores and little quick marts a LOT to grab something to drink. What I've found is I have a REALLY hard time not picking up more then just a drink. Again, I'm not hungry, I'm not craving anything - I'm just there picking up a soda, and for some reason can't pick up a soda without picking out food as well.

    In fact, I can think of many a time when I've actually walked through the store several times looking for something that 'sounds good'.

    In the past, while on a diet, I would justify my purchases by getting protein bars or something 'healthy', for 'just in case'. And then 'just in case' would end up being sitting in the car right out front :

    I love that MF gave me the reason to stop and take a look at these impulsive habits. I've always known I was an emotional eater, but dealt with most of that when I did the Weigh Down Workshop. I know when my compulsion to eat is driven by emotion, I know what to say to my feast beast at those times (I didn't always do, it, but I had the tools if I chose to use them) Now that I've found this other little 'trick' my feast beast plays on me, I feel... stronger, empowered.

    Since I 'failed' on my last diet 2 years ago, and while I gained 70 pounds in 29 months, I have felt so hopeless and helpless.

    This new insight into me is what I need! Bring it on - I want more! :)

    By the way - we went to Outback steakhouse on Saturday night. They have the BEST grilled chicken and steamed veggies! NomNomNom! When they brought the bread to the table I really thought it was going to be hard. But, I refused to fight with my feast beast. (It's like arguing with a child really). I said, "I'm in charge, I'm not having that, and I refuse to feel deprived!". Instead of focusing on what the bread must taste like and having fantasies about melted butter, which would only make me feel deprived and resentful, I focused on how good it felt to have lost 15 lbs, and how awesome the new workout outfit I had just bought was, and how awesome it's going to be on the 3rd to swim/run/ride a bike almost 20 lbs lighter then last time I did a triathlon.

    I know, if I can just keep focused on the positive, I'll make it through this time!

    Saturday, April 25, 2009

    It's Weigh in Day!

    Time to see how I did :)

    Weight this morning: 222.4! yay! That's a 3.3 pound loss for the week.

    My average weight last week was: 228
    My average weight this week is: 224

    So, my average was down 4 pounds! that's excellent!

    Exercise wasn't perfect but, I just get better every week :)

    Saturday was a 10K run in 90 min
    Monday: Yoga for 60 min
    Tuesday: 60 min power walk at lunch including taking the stairs to the Coit tower. Hit the gym for 45 minutes of weight training (chest) and a 30 minute run at home with the dog.
    Wednesday: 45 minutes of weight training (back)
    Thursday: 30 minute walk at lunch, 45 minutes of weight training (shoulders), and 30 minute run w/the dog (in the wind! it nearly blew me over!)
    Friday: 60 minutes of Yoga at lunch, and 45 minutes of weight lifting (arms)

    Total for the week: 540 min!

    Now - before you go telling on me to nutritional support about my exercise :)

    Medifast thinks I burn 2225 calories a day without any exercise at all. Unfortunately, that's not true. The last time I had my metabolism tested I got 1750, and my body bugg says about 1850. With exercise, Medifast believes I'm burning 2600+ a day. With all that I did last week, I averaged a 2886 and that's including the HUGE day I had on Saturday when I burned almost 4000 cal! But, I do believe that I'm doing fine with my burn to cal ratio :)

    Now, this next week should be interesting. Hubby and I plan to get some exercise in this weekend including a bike ride and probably some hiking. I would like to get one more run in too. (we're done with weight lifting for the week). Monday, we'll be back in the gym. I'll be going a little lighter with the training during the week because on Sunday I'm doing another Triathlon! (yay! I'm so excited!)

    Because my Tri is going to be 2+ hours of exercise, I'm going to take the advice of NS and do 4-2-1 that day (4 MF meals, 2 L&G meal and 1 Added snack (of either whole grains or a fruit). It'll be interesting to see how my body reacts to the extra food. But, honestly, I'm more interested in doing well at my tri then the 1 lb or so the extra food might cost me.

    I'll be sure to post pictures!

    So, weight goal for next week: 1% that's 2.2 lbs. that means

    Sun: 222.1
    Mon: 221.7
    Tue: 221.4
    Wed: 221.1
    Thr: 220.8
    Fri: 220.4
    Sat: 220.1 - for weigh in!

    Of course it would be REALLY nice to be out of the 220's next weekend, but I'm sticking to the original plan - 1% a week! Even so that will be close to 20 lbs lost since my first Tri in March - I can't wait to see if my performance improves because of it. I just can't see how it can't.

    Alright - off to wake up my sexy husband (or maybe just crawl back in bed with him *smirk*)

    Everyone have a fantastic and OP weekend!

    Forgot to mention: I met my goal for this week so I'm going to go get a pedicure! I would love to get a manicure too, but just don't think it'll be worth it - after all, I'm supposed to be in the pool 3 days a week - my fingernails just don't stand up to that kind of abuse! :)

    Friday, April 24, 2009

    Attitude Adjustment

    I apologize if my post before offended anyone. I wasn't trying to minimize the work everyone's putting in to lose weight, or the research that went into the plan itself.

    I suppose I should put some of what I said in perspective. The last time I lost significant amounts of weight I was on a program that required 640 minutes of exercise a week (that's 1.5 hrs a day/6 days a week). Planning, adjusting, and preparing my meals took me at least an hour every day, and the results? I lost 13 pounds in 5 weeks.

    On this plan, well I'm not even supposed to be doing exercise yet (even though I am, for other reasons). Food prep? Well when I got my shipment of food I dumped 5 meals into 35 ziplock bags. Every morning I reach into my 'food box' and walk out the door. At night, if I'm running late I stop in Jack in the Box and grab an Asian Chicken Salad w/Grilled Chicken (removing the oranges and you've the perfect lean and green), or I go home and throw together a lean meat and micro some frozen veggies. And I've lost that same 13 lbs, but in two weeks. Yes, MF is easy :)

    That being said, I do understand that ANY weight loss is good for my body.

    And then I tried looking at it from an even different perspective. A lot of my 'body role models' are what some might consider body builders. I've studied body building and body builder's diets for a long long time. When I started to think about what they REALLY do to drop the fat... :) Well a typical diet will consist of Oats, Protein Powder, eggs, Chicken and green veggies. Almost exactly what I'm eating on Medifast? Some female fitness competitors drop their calories down to the 600 Cal range to strip the Body fat before a comp, and hey they didn't impload from the effort!

    I'm done. I'm done worrying, I'm done feeling guilty. I'm done with all of that. It's time to get to the business of losing weight. I'm going to be thankful for the gift this program has given me... HOPE!

    Thursday, April 23, 2009

    Feeling Guilty

    April 4th I started a new diet. A Plan I found online called Medifast. (You might have heard of it, they are advertising EVERYWHERE right now.

    I've been struggling since I started this new program. Not with the food, or with cravings or anything 'normal' like that, but with Guilt. I'm not even really sure where it comes from! I guess I kind of know where it comes from.

    Over my years of dieting I've gradually been lead into the cult mentality that the best foods are whole, natural foods. And that weight loss should be done 'sensibly', through healthy foods and loads of exercise. That eating right should be about good health and not just dropping the pounds. It's also been drilled into me to never, ever, ever, under the penalty of permanently destroying your metabolism, and causing your internal organs to melt, should you drop below 1200 calories a day - period.

    And yet, here I am on a diet that consists 99% of packed, preprocessed foods and that is consistently WELL below that magic 1200 calorie per day mark.

    How do I reconcile these two things? I feel as if somehow I’ve given up - that I'm cheating and taking the easy way out...

    Wait? The easy way out? .

    Does that mean that I believe that dieting and weight loss has to be hard? .

    When I think about it, I have to answer honestly that yes, there is some part of me that believes that losing weight has to be hard. That 'dieting' (the hard kind) is the price I pay for being fat. That by being on this plan where I'm not constantly arguing with myself to make the 'right choice', where I'm regularly passing the chocolate without a struggle, that somehow I'm not 'paying my dues' and there for it can't be real and can't last...

    It's a strange concept to think about. I think I'm slowly starting to come to terms with these thoughts and feelings but not completely. One thing I've been doing to help is to keep my veggies in the 3+ cup range. I've also been toying with adding fruit back into my diet because leaving it out every day is a major source of guilt. .

    Eventually, one of my life goals is to become a personal trainer. I love helping people change their lives through exercise, but I know that eventually someone's going to ask me for advice on how to lose weight. At this point, I don't know what I'm going to tell them. Do I advice them to go the 'healthy' route and perhaps struggle and fail the way I did? Or do I point them to MF as what worked for me? I guess I'll have to ask myself that question again, 100 lbs from now. .

    Confused - but 15 lbs lighter

    Monday, April 20, 2009

    The Mental Side of Weight Loss

    Anyone who's followed my progress for a while will know that I'm a diet book junkie. There aren't many out there that I don't own and have read through. Lately I've found that I'm not as interested in books that talk about eat this/not that, and instead am drawn to those that speak to what keeps me from eating this and not that. Over the years I've found some good ones and I feel like each one adds at least one solid tool to my weight loss tool chest:

    This was the first of such books. It gave me so much to think about and so many great tools when it came to attacking those mental barriers - I've read it all the way through at least twice, and have highlighted all the parts that really spoke to me so that I can easily review them.

    Like the "Thin Commandments" This book is just chock full of tidbits. What I love about this one is it all set out with assignments and daily tasks to help make the ideas permanent.

    An excellent companion to Dr Becks book. Both really highlight how to recognize the irrational thinking that we use when allowing ourselves to overeat. "The Feast Beast" can be a bit challenging to get through. Dr Trimpey's writing style is very... clinical... but she gets her point across and it is all so powerful that it's worth the time to plow through.

    Mrs Castillo recommends that you 'Stop Dieting' to lose weight - a technique I've never been able to put into practice, but that doesn't make the rest of what she has to say any less valid. She's got some excellent exercises that delve not only into solving the overeating issues, but getting you to exercises as well.

    This is my latest book. Mr Gabrial suggests you stop dieting, and use his techniques to, instead, turn off the fat program in your brain. Again, I can't tell you why I don't/can't stop dieting. Fear of being 500lbs is probably part of it :) BUT I love much of what he has to say. His methods of visualization, and other mental exercises are explained better then any other place I've read them. And his explanation for turning on the weight loss program in your brain explains my recent experience with lack of cravings or interest in any food but what's on my plan.

    But, Mr Gabrial's thoughts on visualization brought up something else for me. You see - I was on a plan a while back, on a program with a coach and I was seeing progress and success like never before. But something happened and I never really figured out what. I fell off the horse, I fell HARD and never managed to get back up, until, 2+ years later I've gained back the 40 lbs I lost and 30 more! It still stuns me to think about and it makes me cry to go back and read those blog posts... what the hell happened!?

    Well a little thought popped into my head last night, my husband and I were talking about how both of us tend to be perfectionist. How we have a habit of dropping out of things we feel we won't be 'the best' at. I was telling him that I had to overcome that idea when I did Lavaman, and as I continue to do races. I'm no where near 'the best'. Heck right now I'm struggling to be 'middle of the pack'. But I've found some kind of peace with that - I've found that by changing my mentality, by focusing on the fact that I'm better then the 100's of people I know who have never even finished a Triathlon... There's a certain level of perfection in just being there and doing it when others haven't and wont.

    But what about weight loss?? Well one thing I didn't blog about (I wish I had) was all these creeping negative thoughts that I kept holding at bay. I had surounded myself with photos of bodybuilders and fitness models in an attempt to motivate myself and give myself inspiration. But more and more I found negative thoughts popping into my head. "I'll never look like that" "No matter how much I work out I can't make my legs longer or my breasts perkey." "excercise can't give me long flowing hair..." I had come up agaist my inner perfectionist and even though I never ended those thoughts with "Why even bother" I do have to wonder if that had a lot to do with me 'giving up'.

    It's certainly something to watch for, and the awesome thing is, now I know how to answer that when it does come up.

    And, as if God (or the universe if you prefer) was reinforcing the thoughts I expressed to my husband last night - I got this in the mail today:

    Hello from David Greenwalt,

    In the last Club Lifestyle success tips email I discussed
    how anything worth doing is worth doing poorly for
    a while. I also discussed how anything worth having
    is going to take a period of discomfort endured until
    real success is achieved.

    What If I Don’t End Up As Good As …?

    Sometimes the roadblock to weight-loss success is a
    feeling that you’ll never measure up anyway so why
    bother. To that thought I say the only person you should
    compare yourself against is yourself. Less than one
    percent of us has the genetic ability to look like
    a model. But we all have the ability to be leaner and
    healthier than the average American.

    Your obligation is to do your very best. Don't worry
    about how that compares to someone else. Just do it.
    Everyone is unique. Everyone has their own special
    contribution to make. You'll only discover yours by
    taking action. If you decide in advance that you'll
    never be as good as so-and-so, then you forgo the opportunity
    to find your own unique skills. Winners refuse to even
    acknowledge the competition, by blazing new trails.
    Comparing yourself to others will only bring you down.
    Set off in your own unique direction. Get into action
    make it happen.

    Be sure and stay tuned for the next issue of Club Lifestyle
    tips. In it I’ll discuss how the only way to grow is
    to make mistakes.

    Sincerely yours in health,

    David Greenwalt CSCS
    Leanness Lifestyle
    Muscle Audio

    P.S.: Share this message with a friend—just please
    leave it intact as is.

    Become a member today! All you have to do is visit

    You can take a FREE 30-day test drive!

    --- how awesome is that!?

    Friday, April 17, 2009

    Adding Excercise

    I'm much happier with yesterday's numbers out of the BodyBugg.

    On Wednesday I spent most of my day sitting in front of the computer except for the time I was at the gym. My total burn for the day was 2632. However yesterday I forced myself out of my desk throughout the day and went for walks, or just went down and up the stairs. AND I went to the gym and did my weight workout and took a spin on the stationary bike. Total burn for the day? 2950! over 300 more calories just by getting out of my chair a few times in the day! yay!

    The plan is to do the same today - in fact I'm going with a few of the other girls in the office to go do yoga at lunch. I'm looking forward to that.

    Tomorrow's my 10k and I'm anxious to see how my new diet effects my doing that. It's going to be very telling for how my next triathlon goes and how I handle nutrition that day.

    Everything is going along swimmingly - keeping my fingers crossed that my next shipment of food will arrive today!

    Thursday, April 16, 2009

    Except for the whole 'taxes' thing I had a good day yesterday. I was right on plan with my eating, and I got my workout done.

    Back Workout:

    V-Bar Pulldown: 3x(80x12)

    Wide Grip Pulldown: 3x(90x12)

    Seated Cable Rows: 3x(90x12)

    Barbell Bent Rows: 3x(85x12)

    And then a 30 minute/2 mile run/walk

    At the end of the day I downloaded my first day's worth of data from my bodybugg. Other then my 'normal' sitting in front of the computer, I took a 10 minute walk, and did my weight/run workout. I was a little surprised to find at the end of the day that I had only burned 2510 calories!

    Since the bodybugg gives me a very detailed view of how much I'm burning at any time I got a real eye opener. Sitting in front of the computer (which I do all day, every day, even through my lunch) only burns on average 1.3 calories a minute. That's less then 100 calories per hour! And is the same burn rate as sleeping! No wonder I gain weight so easily!

    During the short leisurely walk I took to the corner store I averaged almost 7 calories per minute. That's a HUGE difference!

    What I've learned is that I need to get up and get away from my computer more often. Sitting in front of the computer through my lunch is doing me NO GOOD! Even an easy walk along the bay will make a big difference in my daily burn. I've also got a new goal that every time I get up to use the bathroom I'll walk up and down at least one flight of stairs.

    I can't wait to see what a difference just these small things will make in my total at the end of the day today!

    Wednesday, April 15, 2009

    a new toy!

    We went to the gym last night and had an excellent workout.

    Calf Raises
    Leg Press
    Stiff Leg Dead Lifts

    Then I got on the bike for 30 minutes and spun - I had a goal to make it 10 miles and did!

    As we left I noticed they had a display on clearance items and in there body bugs! I've wanted a body bug for a LONG time now. I've been researching, talking to people that have them and while no miracle pill I've heard good things about them. It's already given me another short term goal - to be able to move to the small arm band. I can't wear the smaller of the two bands without it cutting off the circulation in my arm :)

    It's was interesting to see that I've already burned 690 calories since midnight last night - all while sleeping ;)

    I can see this being a big motivator to me to get in 'accidental' calories such as parking further and/or walking to the corner market instead of driving.

    Time to go get breakfast now! hope everyone has an excellent day!

    Monday, April 13, 2009

    Long overdue Update


    Now that the fundraising is pretty much over (although you can still donate through the end of this month)I want to get back into the habit of posting here.

    I finished my traiathlon! you can see the race report at

    I'm still training - I've a few other triathlons lined up for the summer and I'm really excited about them now that I have this one under my belt.

    But the big deal here - on this blog is about losing weight... wanna know how I did with that?

    Well, as of right now I'm down to 228.8!

    last week I hit the gym and did resistance training all five days!

    I also got in two runs, two bike rides and went hiking for 3+ miles on Saturday.

    Life is feeling really good right now.

    My weigh in day is Saturday and I was 230.2 on 4/11

    This week plan is:

    5 days of weight training
    3 days of running
    3 days of swimming
    3 days of biking

    this morning was chest and MAN have I lost a lot of strength :( I only hope it'll come back fast

    Incline Bench Press: 3 x (95 x 10)
    Flat Bench Press: 3 x (95 x 10)
    Decline Bench Press: 3 x (85 x 10)

    after that I jumped on the treadmill and did interval training

    Basically I warm-up at 3 MPR for two minutes then bump it up .2 MPR each minute until 5 MPR, run at 5 MPR for 2 minutes and then drop back to 3.2 and start up again. I did that until I hit 2 miles (30:11)

    I was hoping to get a swim in today as well but that doesn't look like it's going to happen so it'll have to wait until tomorrow.

    Food is 100% on plan today and I see no reason for it not to stay that way!

    Oh yeah - almost forgot: Goal for Saturday is 227.8!